A classic cruise up to an amazing mountain hut


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A classic there-and-back ride, this is a wonderful trip for riders of all ability levels.

The fact that it takes you deep into the Fanes National Park - one of the wildest parts of the Dolomites - and to a gorgeous mountain hut makes it even better. The route begins in the small village of San Vigilio di Marebbe and when you initially leave the village you'll be on a road.

This soon becomes a smooth jeep track and takes you through some lovely grassy fields full of cows and past some beaches next to a shallow, clear and blue river.

Some (very brave) riders and hikers take a dip in the river but if you're considering doing so, be warned that it is only a couple of degrees celsius, and reserved only for those with high levels of bravery and cold tolerance! The track to the Rifugio Pederu is easy all the way and there are countless opportunities to take little detours onto short sections of straightforward singletrack.

The route follows the bottom of a deep valley so it's intuitive to find at all times, and you'll never struggle to figure out how to get back on track if you choose to take a detour.

When you arrive at the Rifugio Pederu you can't help but be bowled over by the view.

It really has to be seen to be believed - it feels like the famous limestone towers of the Fanes region are looming over the Rifugio and it gives the place an extraordinary ambience. The Rifugio is enourmous and you can stay over for a night if you want.

At the very least, grabbing a bit of food and spending some enjoying the atmosphere of a mountain hut is highly recommended.

Ride back the same way to San Vigilio di Marebbe.