A wonderful journey beneath some epic Dolomitic scenery.


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This is a brilliant ride which doesn't demand too much of you but gives you some solitude, and takes you beneath and alongside some staggering scenery.

Typical Dolomitic limestone towers loom above you for the entire route, and you'll also visit the famous Cascata Pisciadú - a stunning waterfall which is not nearly as busy as more easily-accessed tourist attractions. From Corvara take the gravel road up beneath the Boè Gondola and stay on the track to a grassy area with benches near the Cascata Pisciadú.

Leave your bike at the benches and hike west for a couple of minutes to see the famous waterfall itself, which is well worth the short detour.

In winter the icefall freezes solid and provides local mountaineers with some spectacular ice formations to climb, but in summer it's "only" a peaceful place to sit and enjoy some solitude.

Walk back down to the bikes then continue down to Colfosco on gravel tracks.

Cross the road at the Matthias Keller restaurant and take a single track all the way to the Colfosco church, which you can be seen a long time before you actually reach it.

The church itself is beautiful and sits right underneath the imposing west face of the Sassongher. Follow another gravel road to Pescosta and then a single track with some roots and small, rocky steps (which can be avoided) down to the river.

Follow a good trail alongside this back to Corvara.

For those with the requisite fitness and enthusiasm, it's more than possible to do another ride in the afternoon after doing this one in the morning.

Alternatively, enjoy the cafes, cable cars and cake shops of Corvava!