A fantastic journey for those willing to put in a bit of effort.









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A fantastic journey for experienced skiers down the North Face of the Pointe Pers and to more excellent skiing below, but you'll need to earn your turns as around 20-25 mins of walking is needed to access the line.

From the top of the Montet lift, take a gentle line towards the Pointe Pers.

Cross under the summit and reach the ridge lookers left of the main summit.

Whilst it's only a short hike, skins can be useful.

From the ridge, locate the entrance to the North Face - which is not always easy if you are the first.

Beware of the cornices and make sure you pick the right entrance.

The start of the line is steep and over 40 degrees for a short time but the angle quickly eases off.

The north facing terrain holds great snow and the you'll be pleased you took the short walk as you ski the fall-line almost straight down towards the Prariond refuge via the alternative line from Col Pers.

As with the Col Pers make sure the Malpasset gorge is passable or you won't be able to get out back to Val d'Isere.