A high level adventure which takes through some fantastic valleys.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Although this ride takes you high above many deep mountain valleys, you never actually drop into them and throughout the journey there's a wonderful feeling of hanging high above the "real" world.

The route starts out in Pieve village, close to the bustling little town of Arabba.

From Pieve ride towards Arabba and turn left just before a petrol station onto a singletrack through grass to another road.

Go through Retiz and Foppa - 2 tiny villages based around a waterfall.

Keep following the road until Salesei then go left up a gradual gravel track back to Pieve.

Obviously this first loop is optional but it's so pleasant that it's well worth doing.

Take a right from the village centre, signposted for Palla Agai.

Climb steeply up a tarmac road to just before Agai, where (at a fountain) the road cuts left and becomes a jeep track.

The track begins to descend steeply and is rocky all the way to - somewhat randomly - a football pitch in the middle of nowhere.

This section is the toughest bit of the whole ride.

Get back on the road for a few turns and continue to Cernadoi. From Cernadoi follow a steep single track towards Andraz.

Just before the bridge in Andraz turn left and keep on following the road until the next bridge, after which it becomes a gravel road again.

Go down, down down past a few houses on the right then climb up a single track to Collaz.

Follow the road to Colle Santa Lucia, where there's a spectacular, precipitous view from the church.

The views of the nearby Civetta are particularly good.

Climb up tarmac to Canazei and continue for a couple of hundred metres then turn off left onto a single track to go around Monte Pore.

Keep on the track to a gorge, at which point the track becomes an old jeep track.

Climb this up to Larzonei.

Follow the road from there down to the main road.

Turn right and head back to Pieve.