Complex tight chutes and open snowfields









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Two Way Street is a little bit of everything.

It has wide open turns at the top, a couple tighter chutes once you get off the traverse, open hanging snowfields before more tightness, then wide open turns down to the road.

It can get hit pretty hard by the sun, but doesn't see a whole lot of traffic.

Head North from the Bridger hike to the Skier's Traverse, then ski fall line.

Enjoy the open skiing for a couple hundred feet before you have to start looking for the upper Two Way traverse.

Look for a cleft in two large rock faces to your right, this is the same way to get to Stupor.

The easiest way into Two Way is at the very beginning of this traverse, it will be a decently wide chute on the North side of Two Way.

Another option, especially later in the year is to head half way to Stupor and drop in, this is a more technical spine and flute area, and should probably only be skied on a powder day.

Once past this upper section, you will have a few turns in an open snowfield before having to choose your out.

You can either go right down a wider ramp and into the apron below, or left into another tight chute, where you'll probably have to point it.

Both technical sections are relatively short and soon you'll be arcing turns in the open.

There are a few nice drops in and out of Two Way, but they are too numerous to describe, spot them from the North Bowl Road an have a great time!