A scenic cruise which uses lifts to maximum effect.


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Use the lift system from Armenterola to make this easy tour a circuit/loop, and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that! The famous Rifugio Pralongia is the start point, and is easily reached via a series of chairlifts from either Corvara, Arabba or San Casciano.

From the Rifugio skin east-southeast past a series of lovely alpine barns which are used for hay storage in the winter.

Pass underneath Störes to reach a small hill (called Les Pizades) which accesses the Setsaas ridge.

It's the only place you can access the ridge, as will become obvious when you look at it - it's an otherwise impenetrable barrier of rock walls.

Climb the ridge on skier's left, staying well clear of the ridge crest itself.

There's one short section which can be wind loaded about halfway to the summit so make a decision about whether it's safe to cross.

You can descend early if required so don't take any unnecessary risks.

Carry on to the summit, which houses a collection of boulders and plenty of space, and then ski the hanging north face of the mountain.

The snow is often good, even late in the season thanks to its aspect.

It rolls off the top and it's hard to pick out the line from above, but as you ski it feels logical (and fun!) Push out right at the bottom and then ski through trees, staying in between 2 rivers to reach the Malga Valparola - an old shepherd's hut in a clearing.

If it's open then you can get some lunch but it's not in the depths of winter.

The food is excellent and waiting until spring, when Malga Valparola is open, is a good idea for foodies! Follow a big cross country ski track back to the foot of the lift system. In case Malga Valparola was closed, Pre de Costa is a nice restaurant to eat at at the end.

From there, cruise back to your start point using the lift network.