A long and steep descent from top to bottom, an epic ski line.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Start of the top station of Banderitsa 2 ski lift and hike up, following the distinctive airy north ridge, to the summit of Todorka (2746 metres).

The use of crampons is highly recommended.

From the peak ski down the ridge going south to reach a broad col.

Take skis off and hike uphill for 5 minutes, still heading south, to reach a small summit on the ridge.

Ski from here, entering the face either on the left or right hand side and ski all the way to the valley floor.

Beware that at the entry sometimes there's a cornice and also many hidden rocks/sharks.

In the late season it can be very icy in the mornings.

Having reached the valley floor the bottom of the valley, you have to continue north to Vihren hut, which is actually visible from the summit ridge of Todorka.

From the hut follow the road easily for roughly 4 kilometres to the ski resort, where you join the Tomba piste. Beware of the fact that the Bulgarian rescue service has no rescue helicopter, and it can take a long time to reach casualties.