Mellower than Pyramid









If you want to take the more cruisey of the blue runs in West Bowl, then cut skiers left (carry some speed to get over the flat) off Upper Powderhorn, and you're onto a winner.

Still features steeper sections.

The trees to the left will take you out of Sierra and down toward Strawberry Lodge; best avoided unless you really know where you are going; do not attempt as no one is going after you if you get lost! Taking West Bowl from skiers left to right is often your best bet int he trees; if you go for a long enough traverse you will come out on Lower Powderhorn.

Stay safe; ride in pairs at least, with a helmet and a plan.

Look out for tree stumps and undergrowth in early season; a foot of powder can obscure a lot.

Best to wait until it's really filled in.

In the later season, watch out for the natural gullies where the bushes grow as they often bow over and create bubbles of snow that you can sink down into, requiring a struggle to get out of.