Super Flat S / M park run









In essence, this is one of the flattest runs on the mountain.

That said, it often features an entry level park, making it an area you may want to avoid if inexperienced or nervous.

You can still navigate around the park features to get to the 'Gold Rush' kids adventure area, but ensure you do so away from the features! In the morning can be the best time to hit this park; because it is so flat, if you sketch any landings, you will have lost your speed; especially relevant to snowboarders as it goes to full on flat directly after the first few hits.

Can easily get slow and slushy in the afternoon because of it's aspect. This run leads onto either Lower Snowshoe (a M park), Marten (very short green run that brings you onto Sugar and Spice), or the aforementioned cut into the kids adventure zone.