Another hidden gem at Sierra









As with Preacher's Passion; and often overlooked run, as it's easy to ride right past and miss it, and you can't see exactly what it's like from the top.

Depending on snow conditions, this can vary from a gnarly to a mellow back.

In low snow, the gullies and large boulders provide a challenge without a huge amount of steepness.

As with other blacks at Sierra, beware dropping everything in sight; scope your landings first.

As the snow fills in, this run is occasionally groomed, effectively making it a blue run.

The run splits in two mid way down, with the left hand option being a narrow, flat run out to the base of Hemlock; best not to be the trailblazer on a pow day for that one, or you will be walking.

Especially if you're a boarder, let some skiers break trail for you first! The skiers right option continues down onto Sugar and Spice, from which you can turn skiers left onto Chute.

On the second half, keep an eye out for a massive fallen tree that can provide the largest log ride i've ever seen; buried in hight snow years however.

Following this are all sorts of mini drops around the sides of the trail.