A nice moderate run with options of steep terrain and small trees. Possible in poorer visibility.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From top of Zursersee or Seekopf chairlifts turn left onto run 17 then onto run 18 and follow this run around the corner so facing east then from here one can leave the groomed run by turning sharply left. The first section is fairly open and a good chance to enjoy some large open turns in good powder.

It then flattens out into a small meadow, either turn right and head for the small trees or continue straight across the meadow and sidestep or walk up to reveal large open terrain.

The tree section can be tracked much quicker as it is possible in poorer visibility, however, there are many different lines available depending on ability.

A small stream must be crossed but usually sufficient snow, then the final gentle slope down towards the tunnel. If taking the other option, after the walk up over the ridge, the first section appears steep, but soon the entire run will come into view and one can choose which route to take to lead onto the final gentle slope. This final section has large rocks, so take caution particularly when the snow pack is thin. Cross the Zursbach stream and skate alongside the tunnel to the bus stop.