Steep north facing couloirs









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There are a series of couloirs that run along the ridge of the Fond Blanc.

Accessed from the top of the Clocheret chair lift, hike straight up for maybe 20 mins, once you reach to top of the bowl with Arc 1950 in front of you, you will see the ridgeline reach along the left hand side of your view and this is where you want to be heading.

It can be a rocky hike along this ridge and maybe takes around 30 mins to walk the full length.

As you walk along the ridge you will see a series of couloirs dropping away to your left, these are the Comborciere couloirs.

They range in steepness and narrowness and the entry points are usually a little sketchy due to cornices so be careful picking your entry point.

As a rule of thumb the steepness ranges from the steepest couloir being the first ones you walk past and the more mellow ones being a further hike along the ridgeline. They are north facing so are in the shade most of the time, so sometimes its a good idea to hit them mid morning once they soften.

They are very prone to sluffing so manage your turns well and be wary of avalanche debris. This route is the first Couloir.

It is very steep and very narrow.

The initial drop in is fine as you are entering a bowl, you can clearly see from the top where the bowl funnels into a couloir, this is where it get narrow.

There is a rock band at the top of this narrow part, but you can ski around it using a well placed jump turn.

Once into the main part jump turns are needed to start with, and then you can open up for the last 10 metres.