Arguably the best run in the 3 valleys.









2 years ago this run was a red but, as there was no direct route to Courchevel from the top of Saulire, the piste planners changed it and as a result now attempt to groom it more often to make it a blue run.

However, this is an intermediate run and not one to take a progressive beginner on for their first blue run experience.

This piste is arguably the best run in the 3 valleys.

No matter what the snow conditions, it always has something to offer the masses- from fantastic off piste trails to the left of the piste, natural side hips for the more adventurous on the right of the piste, and a well-maintained wide run the whole way down the Creux valley.

The start of the run is steep for a blue and can be busy during peak times of the day; it is best hit between 10am - 2:30pm for the most sunshine.

The statement of being the best run was supported by a UK National paper who voted it one of the top 10 runs in Europe.

As you ski further down the run you will see it forks slightly, keep to the right the whole way down to ensure you ski the whole of the piste.

Maintain your speed across the flat section before it eases out, slightly bending to the left.

To your right you will see some powdery rollers which are fun to play around on.

Maintain your speed as you go past the Marmottes chairlift, you may need to pole or boarders take off their boards but it’s only for about 20m max.

As the piste starts to pick up speed you will see you are now skiing through one of the most spectacular tree covered valleys which on a clear day provides views of the Mont Blanc.

To your right you can see yeti trails where off piste fanatics who wanted to get the first tracks of the day have hiked across the ridge.

Be aware of some icy patches in the last sections that seem to miss the sun.

This run gently rolls down to the bottom of the Roc Mugnier and Aiguille de Fruit chairlifts.