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Old Mans is skier's right, down Benchmark ridge, southeast of Tweeners.

This can be an amazingly fun area, but it can be extremely dangerous due to a massive cornice that overhangs most of the zone, and it is subject to considerable avalanche danger most of the season.

Old Mans has two main entrances, one is more convoluted and difficult than the other.

The first entrance is just past Tweeners, and before the cornice begins.

This drop in is steep, and has mandatory air and trees to manage.

Once past the initial rock band, the chute opens up and is visible top to bottom.

It is possible to navigate around the lower cliff bands, but some air is required regardless of the route.

The second entrance is further down the ridge, past the cornice.

The drop in can be a bit like threading the needle if the cornice is well developed.

The safest route is to stay far right, riding the ridge and thicker treed areas.

There are a few small airs, but manageable for most expert skiers.

DO NOT go past the ridge, this route will take you into another drainage that is dangerous and difficult to navigate back to East Vail and the bus. This area should not be attempted if there is any significant avalanche danger.

Old Man ends at the bottom of the slide path.

Be weary on where you stop and wait for partners.

The exit is through the trees (skiers left) at the bottom of the run out.

There is typically a trail that works north back towards the main bowl.

Once reaching the ridge that runs northeast of the main basin, you can either ride through the trees into the basin and out via the main trail, or ride the ridge east through the trees.

If you take the more eastern route, you must be sure to go north (left) once you reach 9800' to avoid going all the way to the highway.

Both exits will lead you to a single track that goes back to East Vail, and to the bus.