One of the hardest off-pistes in Alpe d'Huez









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The Cheminees (chimneys) can be seen from the bottom of the ski resort; they are a couple of couloirs and their verticality is very impressive. They are really easy access as they are just next to the arrival of Marmottes III.

Either choose to go to the right or the left cheminee. Looking down, the right one has a wider start whereas the left one is narrower and you can barely do jump turns. By the end of them you can get a few turns as it get slightly wider but still extremely steep. There's a few safe spots where you can stop and wait for the rest of your crew but never go here if there's more than 3 to 4 of you. Once you come out of the couloir you can either do a traverse to your left and reach the top of the Clocher de Mâcle 2800 or ski down to join the start of Balcons slope. Everyone can see you from the cable car or at the top and bottom of Marmottes III which can add on a little more stress to your skiing! This itinerary is reserved only to experienced expert skiers only who are willing to push themselves.

You're not allowed to fall here as you're surrounded by rocks and it's a very narrow couloir. Always go and check with the ski patrols how are the conditions and tell them you're going to go down the Cheminees; they'llalways have good advice to give you and they are located at the top and bottom of Marmottes III lift.