A big descent down the Val d'Arpette and out to Champex


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



Leave the comfort of the Trient Hut and ski down a short distance onto the glacier, then swing gradually to the north skirting the rocks close to the Pointe d’Orny.

Stick to the right bank of the glacier dropping down past a steepening towards the Col des Ecandies.

Give the crevasses to the left a wide berth, on the steeper icefall section as some big slots are often thinly covered here.

All too soon a traverse cuts over to the right to a ski depot below the col.

This short climb is often achieved with a relatively short boot pack, but it’s worth being cautious as the top section can be icy, wind-scoured or even dry with loose rock. The descent of the Val d’Arpette awaits sporting 1300 meters of downhill into Champex.

The initial gradient is slightly steeper than the valley below, ski straight down before taking a line on the right side of the valley, aiming to maintain a bit of height.

Towards to end of the valley join the track into the small Champex ski domain.

Most people will have pre-booked a taxi from the Trient Hut to allow a quick transfer from Champex to La Chable and onwards through the Verbier lift system.