perfect 360 view on the whole Monte Rosa!


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This itinerary is good to gain confidence with skins and being independent in far from piste situations.

The line itself is quite easy, while reaching the top requires some effort! From the Ciarcerio lift you can start putting on your skins and go up by almost flat slopes.

The steepest part is the one close to the top, here it could be required a short walk.

You effort will be rewarded with a breathtaking view on Monte Rosa.

Keep your skins on when you reach the top and continue for few meters to reach the access to the line (many variations possible, the best is to look to the line from the piste that goes down from Bettaforca!!) The line starts with a large couloir that you can ski for 200m.

Be aware of snow conditions!!! Because this first couloir ends with a massive cliff!! No chance of survival if an avalanche starts here! Remember to stay on your left because after the first 200m you have to carefully traverse left in order to bypass the cliff.

Now you will find a big open face that goes into another couloir.

Check the snow and have fun on this perfect slope! The run ends close to the PIsta del Colle