A wide and uniform competition piste for slalom.









Accessible via the Plateau button lift, the Saix telecabine from Vercland or from the 'Dahu/Marmotte' piste ends/Charinande Express 'bowl' up the Soleil button lift with a walk across the road.

This piste is not the easiest to find as it is 'hidden' behind all the buildings, restaurants, shops and residences at Samoëns 1600.

Otherwise, go up the TGD and follow the Oratoire to the bottom of this piste and the button lift next to it.

NB: if you traverse high to the left under the Saix bubble line and the Grand Cret chair (watch out for drops onto the groomed piste when in cloud) it is possible to arrive at the lower part of the Plateau piste and ski it to the bottom.

If you're 'ticking off' the Plateau as 'done' on your map, then continue on down the Vélarge to ski a long, enjoyable but cold red to the valley floor (Vercland).