The perfect trail for absolute beginner mountain bikers.


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The loop consisting of Marvin’s to KGB to Phil’s is one of the top-recommended beginner rides in the Phil’s trail network.

This short loop only measures 5 miles in length and climbs just 340 vertical feet, making it a flat, attainable mountain bike ride, while still providing a high quality singletrack experience. Marvin’s starts off on flowy, smooth, sandy singletrack.

Occasional alt lines lead to more challenging obstacles, but the main trail tread is ultra-mellow as it rolls across the mesa and up the most significant climb on this loop (that’s not saying much). After turning left on KGB, expect to encounter a few more trail obstacles.

KGB gets an intermediate rating on most maps, but most of that intermediate rating is due to one technical, rocky, switchbacked downhill.

While this short downhill definitely exceeds a true beginner rating, it’s short-lived and over quickly.

If you’re a beginner rider with zero experience riding rocks, this short downhill is very easily walked and shouldn’t detract from the appeal of this beginner loop.

For new riders with only minimal rock riding experience, this downhill is a great growing experience that will undoubtedly be conquered after a little practice. Finally, the ride finishes on the lower section of Phil’s, the eponymous trail anchoring this popular trail system.

The classic Phil’s trail has been designated a one-way downhill-only trail, and even without any substantial berms or bike-specific features, this sinuous singletrack offers the perfect kinesthetic mountain bike experience that riders travel the world in search of.

The lower section of Phil’s included in this loop is even mellower than the upper sections, with very moderate trail grades.

Still, the trail does trend downhill, with the singletrack twisting and turning down the mesa beneath the towering ponderosa pines.

While the corners are flat, adept mountain bikers can still rail down the trail, but even beginner riders will enjoy the delightful flowy experience of riding the iconic Phil’s Trail!