An easy-cruisy run with many lines to choose









The blue run, called Weitmoosabfahrt is split in four lines which are starting off from different lift facilities.

Those pistes are covering many lines close to the summit - so even beginners get the possibility to explore an huge area on the Planai! They are starting off from Mitterhausbahn, Burgstallalmlift, Märchenwiesenbahn, Lärchkogelbahn, of course the Planaibahn II gondola and lead you all to the Weitmooslifte.

All those sections are perfect for beginners to ski different runs and stabilize their skills respectively bring them to the next level.

Most of the terrain obviously is pretty flat and there are some narrow sections as well, where it is simply possible to let the skies go straight and experience some speed without get into any troubles.

Like we all know, many skiers are beginners, so there may occur some waiting times in lift queues.

Especially between 10am and 12am where ski schools are dealing with a lot of guests.

The Weitmooslifte are seperated in two sections, a pommel and a T-bar.