A steep, narrow couloir that looks impressive from the lift and even more so from the top as you drop in.









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This couloir is not quite as steep as it looks from a distance but it is narrow and enclosed enough to look impressive from above.

The entrance is from a tree lined ridge (Crête du Châtelas) that you need to hike up for about 3 minutes to reach.

At the top of the short climb through the pine trees, bear right and carefully pick your way through the trees.

There’s plenty of space but you need to go slowly here so you’re sure not to miss the entrance to the couloir, which is less than 100 metres along the ridge just before the point where the slope starts to flatten out.

If there’s fresh snow in the couloir there’ll be some heavy negotiating as to who gets to go first as very often the first person clears the chute of the top layer, leaving the base underneath for those behind.

It’s still well worth skiing though and from the exit of the chute you’re into the trees where there’s more space to spread out and get fresh tracks.

Continue through the trees at any angle to rejoin the Casse du Boeuf black run.