Important connection slope from Quattralpina Chairlift towards Planai









In the beginning that road as as wide as a road, and during some times of the day, is gets kind of tight.

You have to show your skills in skating on that first bit and use your poles quite a lot.

Snowboarders only strap in one leg.

Luckily this passage doesn't take any longer than 3 minutes, if you just push hard enough.

You'll then cross the Panorama Abfahrt and if you are a good skier and comfortable with (easy) black slopes, consider to take the Gipfelbahn chairlift with the iconic orange bubbles up and ride down the black Panorama Abfahrt, where you can take some speed for the second part of the slope.

Beginners will have to push along a bit longer, the slope widens up gradually and at some point starts descending towards the valley between Hauser Kaibling and Planai before it finally merges into the Kaiblingalm Abfahrt (8).