Top out at the alpine lake boasting the most spectatcular Matterhorn view.


5 - 6









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Course the first part of the Matterhorn Ultraks route, top out at Zermatt’s most famous lake and finish with a little slice of Zermatt’s culinary best at the Aroleid Restaurant.

Save this trail for midway through your week when you need a sublime caffeine hit on your way back into the finish.

The Aroleid Kollektiv is a world-class gourmet experience under the watchful eye of the Matterhorn, with their coffee fruit roasted by Zermatt Rösterei rounding out the effort put into the run. Set your marks at the tennis courts in the centre of Zermatt on the invisible starting line of the Matterhorn Ultraks trail race.

Follow the route as it climbs through peaceful pine forests up to Eggen (2177m) and leave the bustling village behind.

Savour a nice descent before the second big climb up to the Gornergrat rail station and Riffelsee.

A postcard-worthy panorama from one of Zermatt’s favourite lakes will greet you at the height of the tour.

From here, enjoy the well deserved downhill with mind-blowing views of the one and only Matterhorn, central in your vision.

 Reach Furi in impeccable timing to satisfy a runner's hunger with Restaurant Aroleid’s all-day breakfast menu.

For the coffee connoisseurs, sustainably sourced beans combined with Swiss precision and excellence will give your senses the kick they need for the final few kilometres back into Zermatt.

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