Follow a shaded path through an enchanting larch forest, admiring an exhibition of colourful sculptures along the way.


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The Art Trail takes you on a surreal journey through the forest.

Along the path, you will discover a series of wooden sculptures from the Wood’n’Art art symposium.

The sculptures are by artists from all over the world, but each piece was carved from larch wood from the very forest in which the sculptures stand.

Begin from the P5 Teola car park, heading along the trail marked ‘Larix Park.’ You begin by heading south along the valley before climbing up a gravel track.

Stop to enjoy the views of the San Rocco area before you enter the larch forest. First up, you will pass by [Larix Park](, an adventure playground complete with zip lines and suspension bridges.

Stick to the dirt track, and you will quickly come to the start of the open-air sculpture exhibition, which runs for just over a kilometre along the woodland path.

You will eventually reach an opening from the forest where the trail forks.

Follow the branch which takes you back down to the Teola car park on the valley floor from which you began.

This easy-going hike is great fun for kids, especially if you add a stop at the Larix adventure park!