An iconic cross country loop in the Phil's Network.


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Kent’s to Phil’s is an iconic cross country loop that anchors the famous Phil’s Trail Network. To begin this ride, pedal up the Kent’s trail from the primary Phil’s Trailhead.

Kent’s is a mellow climbing trail that is still technically open for downhill traffic.

If you want to remove the worry of looking out for downhill bike traffic, opt for the one-way Ben’s Trail instead.

Whichever route you choose, with such mellow grades as you ascend the mesa, the miles and vertical feet tick by much faster than you may realize. After a few miles of climbing, keep an eye out for the turn onto Phil’s. The OG singletrack trail in this network still delivers! The classic Phil’s trail has been designated a one-way downhill-only trail, and even without any substantial berms or bike-specific features, this sinuous singletrack offers the perfect kinesthetic bike experience that riders travel the world in search of.

The trail rolls along a mellow bench on the side of small hills, dipping and bobbing as it loses elevation gradually but consistently.

At the major junction with KGB and Expressway, Phil’s gets even mellower, with the grade lessening substantially and the singletrack twisting and turning on the almost level mesa beneath the towering ponderosa pines.

While the corners are flat, adept mountain bikers can still rail down the trail, but even beginner riders will be able to enjoy the delightful flowy experience of riding the iconic Phil’s Trail!