Climb to the iconic volcanic summit towering above the Cascade Lakes Highway.


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While Mount Bachelor is best known for its skiing, the lofty volcanic summit makes for an attractive peak climbing objective in the summertime.

If you follow the standard Sunrise to Summit Trail, you’ll enjoy a non-technical hike on a switchbacked singletrack trail all the way to the summit of 9,065-foot Mount Bachelor Begin the hike off the side of the Cascades Lake Highway near Sunrise Lodge.

Sometimes the gate to the parking lot is open, but generally, it is closed, and you’ll have to park along the highway or at a nearby trailhead.

The singletrack trail climbs steadily toward the summit, switchbacking back and forth across ski slopes and through stands of trees.

The further you climb, the more rock you’ll encounter, and at times you’ll have to traverse moraines of volcanic rock.

The upper stretches of the mountain consist of "mostly talus, scree, and chunks of basalt” according to Jeff Hester on []( Depending on the time of year, you may have to traverse snowfields to gain the summit.

And if Bachelor had a good snow year, these snow fields could stick around for most of the summer.

If over snow travel is required, take all necessary precautions, and look for rock cairns to keep you on track.

From the summit, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the entire region, including "Broken Top, the Three Sisters, and even Mt.

Jefferson beyond,” according to Rachel Davidson on [](

Once you’ve fully savored the view, return to the car on the same trail. Sources: