Groomer that cruises along the ridge as well as offering you access to some of the great advanced and expert terrain in the area









Harmony Ridge is one of the best groomers available on Whistler mountain, located in the Harmony zone.

It winds along the ridge, providing you access to some of the best advanced and expert to terrain on your left.

This run is a perfect cruising run, and as such, it is highly popular and usually quite popular.

Up top the run is a little more narrow and is shared with others trying to access Pika's Traverse, therefore it gets very crowded.

After the Pika's turn off, the crowd manages to thin slightly but this run will still be quite packed all the way down to the bottom where it reaches the base of the Harmony Express.

The top section receives a lot of traffic and you might find occasional moguls located there.

On any given day this is a fast cruiser giving you access to some of the best terrain in all of Whistler.