Very fun slope. Wide open, smooth steepness and awesome night skiing opportunity.









The 10 is a very nice part of the valley run at Gaislachkogl.

In contradiction with the valley that runs down in Giggijoch, the slopes on the Gaislachkogl are much wider and smoother.

The 10 starts at the entrance of the Wasserkar lift.

Here the slope will head right and widen up immediately.

The run goes on straight for quite some time, while you can enjoy the wide open space and fun side hits on the right side of the run.

The slope is perfect to practise your carving skills on or just practise your riding in general.

After the first straight part, the slope will make a hard and steeper left, after which it settles back into its wideness and steepness.

The slope will go on straight for about another 500 meters after which the slope will connect with the 8, another blue slope.

The two will become a bit flatter, but remain really fun.

When the slopes dive under the bridge they will become steeper and later will become completely flat for about 300 meters.

For boarders this can be quite a pickle so it's recommended to gain some speed on the steep hill right before the bridge.

After the flat part the pistes will join at the Innerwald centre where they will join the 7 and 7a.

The four pistes will join into one that turns right, the Blue 9 and makes its way all the way down to the valley where you can head back up the mountain or fuel up with a cold beer.