Calm, mellow black slope down to Innerwald and the Gaislachkogl gondola.









The 7 is a perfect beginner black slope.

The slope starts on the left side, right in front of the Langegg lift's entry.

There the Blue 6 dips down and turns away from the busy crowds.

The run is wide and calm and not too steep.

It's a perfect run to introduce yourself to a black slope.

The slope itself is pretty straight forward and getting lost is almost impossible.

When you've conquered the wide and steeper first half of the 7, the run connects with the Red 7a/7b, where it mellows out to more of a red slope.

Here the slope will also get much more narrow.

Follow the narrow trail all the way down where you will join the Innerwald area.

If you want to head all the way down to the Gaislachkogl gondola to head back up, continue straight, cross the T-bar lifts of Innerwald and join the Blue 9.

This slope will take you all the way down to the valley.