A great bump run, with a variety of pitches and small transitions









FATMAP difficulty grade



On exiting the Blauherd bubble/chair, start down the blue 7 Standard piste.

After about 100m drop off to the left and traverse a little onto the pitch.

The top section is steep and usually bumpy.

Work your way down here until you hit the flatter section where you can let the skis run a little more.

There is a choice of right or left around a small ridge, both or which are relatively even, with small gullies to enjoy.

The pitch then bends round to the left when you reach an open section with a ridge and open gully.

You will be facing the Gornergrat ridge.

At the end of this long rolling section, the pitch bends round once more to the right, and down a steeper section, facing the Findeln restaurants.

Pick your line down here, as the pitch cambers to the left and the bumps on the right can become large and challenging! The slope continues to roll away to the right finally onto a flatter traverse, rejoining the piste just above the Chez Vrony.