Perfect slope!









The Blue 32 can be accessed by taking the Schwarze Schneid gondola all the way to the top.

When you enter the gondola, please take a moment to take in the immense beauty of the Austrian Alps.

The view on top of the Schwarze Schneid is mind blowing! When it's a clear, bluebird day and you're on top, facing south, you will be able to see all the way to the Italian Dolomites wihch are know for there spikey and sharp mountain tops.

When you've taking in this wonderful sight, it will just keep getting better and better.

Strap in and take the narrow trail down, pay attention on this trail: due to heavy winds on top of the mountain the trail can become one huge ice spot where you'll have a hard time to find your grip, when you come to the entrance of the tunnel heading to Tiefenbach, you will see the 32 on your right.

The slope is a beauty.

Super wide, just steep enough, not too much people and good snow throughout the day and entire season.

Because the the slope is laying in the shadow the entire day, most people prefer the Tiefenbach glacier as this side of the mountain has the sun throughout the day.

Off course this is awesome for the 32, as the slope get's left alone almost constantly.

The fact that it lays in the shadow also makes sure that the snow stays nice and dry.

When you come to the end of the slope you have 3 options.

Further your adventure down with the Blue 33 which is also a very nice wide open blue slope, admire the beauty of glacier ice on the blue 35 trail which connects to the 33 aswel or, if your an advanced rider, take on the challenge of conquering the steep but smooth Black 31.

All this pistes will head back down to the Rettenbach Gletcher stadium where you can choose how to continue your day.