Smooth, wide open red slope with several options.









The 4 can be entered through a couple of ways.

When you exit the Gratl 2 seater, turn left where the 4 will have its starting point.

The slope can also be accessed through the Red 1, this is possible when you make a right at the point where the Red 1 splits up at the end.

The 2 starting points almost immediately connect with each other after about 100 meters.

At this point the slope gets nice and wide and has a smooth steepness.

After about 50 meters, you can choose to head to the left and cross underneath the Gratl lift.

Here the run will connect with the 5 and cross the Blue 1a.

Several options to choose from depending on your liking.

After about 300 meters the 4 will take its own path again and divert to the right, here the piste is a bit more mellow and narrower.

Follow this trail, where the slope will end up at the bottom of the Gratl lift.

When you head straight at the first splitting point and continue your way next to the Gratl lift, the slope will remain wide open and smooth.

The slope goes on straight where it will cross the 1a in the middle of the run.

Take caution as you cross this trail, the trail can be extremely busy! After the intersection the 4 will continue straight at the same pace as before, where it will eventually join the other tail of itself and end up at the bottom of the Gratl lift.

Here you can choose to head all te way down to the valley with the Blue 3a, go back up for another epic run or make your way towards the Giggijoch area with the Blue 6.