Big black slope with several options all over the Gaislachkogl area.









The 3 is more of a collective number for all the black slopes located above and under the Gaislachkogl Mittelstation.

The top of these black slopes all have their starting point on the top of the Wasserkar lift.

Here you can exit right where you get 2 black options to choose from.

Both slopes are very similar except for the fact that the right option stays black throughout the entire slope and the left will connect with the Blue 3a for a few meters where it later splits up again and takes its own path.

When going to the left, the options stay wide open, while the right is one lone slope.

The left 3 also gives you access to another part of the Black 3 which is located near the end of the 3a.

After the 3 connects with the 3a, both slopes will stay together for about 200 meters.

After this the 3 splits up again for the alternative black part.

Stay on the blue 3a for about another 500 metres after which the black 3 will appear again on your righthand side.

It's a short but very steep slope and it's fun to change it up a bit as you are exploring the Gaislachkoglarea.

All three slopes will reconnect at the Mittelstation where it continues its way down.

When facing the valley, stay on the complete right side of the Mittelstation, here the black valley run starts, which is again the 3.

This part is wide and not too steep but can be extremely busy and filled with unadvanced riders- so take caution.

Keep in mind the fact that the slope can also be littered with knee high moguls.

After about a kilometer the slope meets the Blue 3b, where it will turn into the Blue 10 at the bottom of the Wasserkar lift and continue its way all the way down to the valley.