Fun, flat slope from Gaislachkogl to Giggijoch. Can get pretty busy in the early hours!









The 6 is the main slope to cross from the Gaislachkogl area to the Giggijoch area.

The run starts on the right side when you exit the Gaislachkogl I gondola.

Skiers can strap in immediately as snowboards will have to walk the first few meters, best is to walk until the exit of the Mittelstation 2 seater.

Here the slope starts to head down a bit.

The slope is wide but really flat, aswel as extremely busy in the early hours.

After about 300 meters the slope will cross the Red 4.

Here you can turn right and head down to the valley, take the Gratl 2 seater up or continue your way down the 6.

After you passed the bottom of the Gratl lift the slope will dive into the trees, get a little bit steeper and narrow down.

The slope will continue it's way down and there are some really fun side hits to be found on the left hand side if you're in a playful mood.

After a couple of minutes the slope will connect with the Red 5 where the slope will open up again and finish its way down in to the Rettenbach valley where you have several options on how to further your day.