Narrow, busy trail that swirls all the way down to the valley.









The slope starts in the centre of Innerwald, where all the main slopes from the Gaislachkogl will connect.

Here the run will make a long turn to the right.

For the first few metres the slope is still pretty wide, after which it crosses a road where it will narrow down quite a bit.

Due to the fact that the run is the last and only trail heading all the way down to the Gaislachkogl gondola station, the slope can be really busy in the afternoon.

In spring and early season the trail can get quite slushy, so keep this in mind aswell.

The slope is definitely doable for the beginner riders but it is recommended to try out the slope in the morning when it's not that busy, so that the big crowds in the afternoon won't give you a hard time.

The slope runs down with two hard turns after which it will stretch out for the last few meters down to the gondola station.