Mellow black slope which is recommended by the locals.









When arriving at the end of the Black 20 or Red 19, take the bridge just passed the Obstlerhütte and follow the bend to the left.

Here you will have the choice between the Red 21 on the left and the Black 22 on the right, choose the upper right slope to enter the Black 22.

The run starts pretty flat and narrow but widens up and steepens after the first 100 meters.

Continue your way down through the trees where it reconnects with the Red 21.

On the lower end of the slope you have some fun side hits left and right for the more freestyle oriented riders under us.

But don't be fooled by this easy black slope.., during high season the piste can be littered with moguls from the many tourists.

On the other hand, in low season, when the conditions are cold and wet, the slope can have ice spots all over, so always take caution when taking this slope down.

Of course, when the snow conditions are normal this slope can be the carve, slash, jib track of which dreams are made of!