Classic off-piste on Giggijoch with many variations and a nice view.









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This is one of the classic off-pistes on Giggijoch and starts at the top of the Roßkirplbahn. There are different variations of this line, because the field is quite open.

Beside the open field the line is not the steepest and intermediate skiers can have a lot of fun here, especially after a big dump. To enter this line you need to cross above the training piste for the race skiers, right after the exit of the Roßkirplbahn.

For the longest and most untracked lines you need follow the mountain crest as high and far as possible (and normally if you put some effort in following the mountain crest, it is still possible to get an untracked line even some days after the last snowfall.) Orientation is quite easy in this open field but for safety and to check your position, keep an eye on the mountain “Breitlehner”, the Restaurant at Giggijoch, top station “Rotkogel” and the village “Hochsölden”.

If you go up with the chair, you can start searching for these points and for your line.

These points will help you in not passing Hochsölden on the left side.

It´s important to reach the normal slope, before passing Hochsölden.

There are no trees for orientation so only ride here if the weather is good.

On good days, you have a quiet long powder run with no big cliffs or dangerous spots, compared with the other off-piste slopes in Sölden.

The best time for this line is before lunch because of the sun but it is essential to be aware of the avalanche danger, and also to check if ski patrol have done any blasting operations in the morning or last days.