Nice, wide blue slope. Can get busy near end of the day.









When you exit the Silberbrünnl lift you can go right or left to enter the Blue 13.

It's recommended to head right as the left part gets pretty steep and you will have to traverse quit a bit back to the left.

The first part of the piste is not that wide and can get quite busy as it is the main gate back to the Giggijoch area from the rest of the resort.

After about 100 meters the piste widens and is a really fun slope for the beginner aswel as the advanced rider.

The piste is also accessible through the Hainbachkarr lift, this way you can skip the steeper and narrower part on top of Giggijoch.

Underneath the Hainbachkarr lies the entrance of the Area 47 Snowpark, so the snowpark is accessible through both lifts.

When you want to continue your way down back to the Giggijoch Restaurant, stay left and follow the slope straight down.

You will notice that the piste lies in a left angle so most people will be in the left part of the slope.

Because the slope is the main gate back to the Giggijoch area, it can get quite busy near the end of the day which can result in moguls all over the place.

If you really want to enjoy this wide open blue, take the first gondola up and carve it all the way down, completely on your own.

As the left side of the slope gets really flat at the end, it's recommended for snowboarders to stay a bit more up on the right side of the piste so that walking a bit can be avoided.