Nice, wide open blue slope









The 33 can be accessed through 3 points.

If you're coming from Tiefenbach, take the Seiterkar, exit and stay on the left side.

When you're already on the Rettenbach Glacier, you can either take the right exit in the middle of the Blue 32 or you can take the Seiterjöchl T-bar.

When you come from the 32, make sure you get enough speed, the first part can get pretty flat aswel as the last few meters.

Here you will enter the 33 in about the middle of the slope, where you can follow it back down to the Rettenbach stadium or head back up with the T-bar.

The slope is wide open and not that steep and is perfect for beginners who want to leave the Giggijoch mountain and head a bit further into the area.

Due to the fact that the slope is located at the gate from Tiefanbach back to Rettenbach and the rest of the resort, it can get quite busy in the afternoon and result in some heavy moguls all across the slope.

When you really want to enjoy this beauty, set your alarm clock and try to win the morning race to the Glaciers.

After the entrance of the T-bar on the slope, the slope will turn left where it gets pretty narrow which can be quite challenging for early beginners so make sure you already have some riding experience.