A series of undulating, single-track paths.









Casper Traverse is more commonly referred to as Mr.

Toad’s Wild Ride and for good reason.

This system of paths is quick, narrow, and bumpy and there are trees and boulders sidelining you the whole way.

There are a couple entrances with the easiest ones being the lower ones.

Hug the skier’s left of Sundance from the top of the Gondola and look for the narrow entrances between rocks and trees about a hundred feet down.

The crux of these traversing paths is to keep your speed through the uphills but not lose control on the downhills.

Each undulation is quick so look ahead and be light on your feet.

Dump speed by turning uphill and remember if you crash or get stuck, do your best to right the situation and get out of the way because there will undoubtedly be someone right behind you! The traverse will take you into the bottom of Casper Bowl or turn right at any point and ski the tight Woolsey Woods.

For the easiest way, stick it out until the traverse ends or turn right early.

The middle section of Woolsey Woods is steep, tightly treed, and has a few large cliffs.