Five Star Groomer









Rendezvous Trail, or R-Trail for short, is easily one of the best runs on the mountain.

From below Rendezvous Bowl, head skier’s right and you can’t miss it, just follow the flat groomer.

Though painfully flat to begin, R-Trail gently rolls over onto steeper ridge line section.

This section bottlenecks riders, so heads up here.

Once through the bottleneck, one can access Cheyenne Bowl, Wally’s World, and Bivuoac (all of which are incredible runs) on your left.

But to stay on Rendezvous Trail, follow the groomer through the flat section.

Past the flats, the trail opens up and rolls into a fantastically long groomer that contains several rollovers as it gently winds down to the bottom of the Sublette Quad.

Rendezvous Trail is popular for many reasons, but one reason is because it is the access run for many fantastic expert runs.

Though technically a slow zone, there will undoubtedly be expert skiers flying through it.

On a sunny day, hit Rendezvous Trail early and treat yourself to one of the best groomers in the world!