Steep chute in Casper Bowl, delightful in powder.









Casper Bowl is no joke.

There are cliffs in this area that will surely lead to one’s death if an accident should occur.

Furthermore, you will not find trail signs guiding you to the right spots.

In fact almost every ridable chute begins in some grouping of trees with few notable features to signal the right spot.

Treat this area with as much respect as possible! That being said, when you do unlock the secret doors in this area, you will be rewarded with some of the finest extreme skiing in the world! The bowl is only reached by hiking, use either the “White Spider” hike behind the top of the gondola or the less steep traditional hike at the end of the Tensleep Traverse.

It’s also possible to like from the top of the Teton Quad past The Crags.

Regardless of which hike, make sure you are there before the 2pm closure.

There is a ski patrol shack (referred to as The Jailhouse) that is on the skier’s righthand border of the bowl the skier’s left border is a discernible corner separating the Bowl from the Crags.

Chances are you will be coming from with the traditional hike or the White Spider hike.

Look for The Jailhouse pass to the north side of it, you should find yourself on a cornice overhanging a mellow bowl.

This is Casper Bowl, but don’t let this section fool you, just below past the immediate basin is one the most demanding areas in the world.

Fremont is tricky to find but not impossible.

The easiest way to describe the entrance is by beginning from The Jailhouse (the ski patrol shack a top the White Spider hike).

Enter Casper Bowl bast The Jailhouse and proceed to traverse along the top of the ridge as far as you can.

At some point you will find yourself moving slightly uphill through a patch of trees.

At this point, veer right onto the small slope of open snow.

Head to the trees below this open patch of snow and continue through the trees slowly.

You will soon roll over into Fremont.

If you are in a gully, you are in the right place.

If you are on a ridge or flanking face, you should head into a gully before cliffing out! Once in the gully, navigating is fairly straightforward.

Look ahead and be ski carefully, but enjoy the ride as you descend several hundred feet of powder bliss!