Stunning rip down two-way singletrack that returns you to the bottom of the chairlift.


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If you’re looking to trade in the constant downhill gnar for a classic singletrack descent that returns directly to the bottom of the chairlift, check out this run combination.

While technically this run follows a three-trail combination (Upper Westside -> Westside -> Lower Westside) you really only need to look for the right turn onto Lower Westside.

Just ensure you don’t turn left onto Happy Hour, and you’ll be golden! As you rip down Upper Westside, you could be forgiven for being surprised by an uphill rider on this two-way trail—the delightful rock gardens and eroded root webs have the feel of a downhill trail, just on a narrower trail tread.

The upper section of trail is definitely black-diamond level, so bring your cojones! Lower down, the trail technicality mellows out dramatically.

Especially once you reach Lower Westside, the singletrack turns into an ultra-narrow, flowy trail that winds its way down through wide-open alpine meadows and thick groves of aspen trees.

The wildflowers on this section are stunning! Take extra care to watch for uphill riders on this section.

Riders will often climb Lower Westside to access Happy Hour and Upper Loop.

With the tall flowers and blind corners, it’s easy to come upon another rider unexpectedly. Finish this amazing ride right at the bottom of the chairlift, and head back up for more!