An old school downhill race run-style tech trail with something for everyone.


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One of the original trails in the Evolution Bike Park, Avery has changed very little since its inception.

And that’s a good thing.

Avery is, in this author’s humble opinion, a superb mixture of features that creates a constantly-entertaining run with distinct sections that offer different characteristics. That said, if Avery had to be characterized in just one way, it would be as an old school downhill race run.

The trail is fast and wide-open, but chock-full of massive technical features.

The rocks on this trail are more akin to _boulders_ than they are rocks, making for huge, high stakes rock gardens.

The crux move in the middle of the trail consists of a massive ledge drop off a boulder… but it does have a couple of ride arounds. Other technical sections include massive root webs and a section of cascading log drops—again, reminiscent of old school downhill race runs.

While Avery is chock-full of tech, small jumps and bermed corners keep the character of the trail entertaining and always-changing.

From a fun hip jump to a floaty step down drop, there are plenty of opportunities to get air on Avery. While some of the newer trails on the mountain tend to get more acclaim, Avery is a classic run in the Evolution Bike Park that will remain a crowd please for years to come.