A 5km beautiful and cruisy run through the pretty forest.









For beginners and experts alike, this piste is absolutely gorgeous.

For advanced beginners the sense of achievement of having done such a long green, with (at beginners level) having to master so many different types of turns, widths and gradients, is a true accomplishment.

Watch out for the ski schools on this piste and beginners giving it a go during lunch hours.

But for the more controlled skiers amongst you, aim to do this piste in one go- if you have the legs for it.

It is a joy to just ski it from top to bottom without stopping, as long as you look out for and don't scare too many beginners.

The start is from the top of the Sairon chairlift and the Vielle button lift, where you will find the great value and fast service Chalet d'Clair restaurant and a First Aid post.

Keep the lifts to your right, descend 10 metres and turn a hard right - there you will see the 50 green Marvel lollipop sign that denotes the start of the run.

All along the piste there are 'Interest Stops' detailing the fauna and flora in the area- great incentives for having kids find the next one.

Also picnic tables are dotted along the side of the piste at various intervals, mainly in sunny spots.

This piste twists and turns through the forest providing occasional glimpses of fantastic views which are worth stopping to stare at.

Only around the 800m marker (green lollipop marked 8) do you need to start thinking about maybe, if you are brave enough, to schuss down to the hard right hand bend at '4' to ensure you manage to keep going on the narrow flat track with a couple of tricky and often icy bends to arrive into Morillon 1100.

Here you have a choice of lifts to take you either back up to the start or partway back up into Morillon and its skiers cross track for kids.