A really nice and shady forest walk in easy reach of Bormio.


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From the Pravasio car park just off the main Stelvio road, follow the S533 trail, and you will immediately enter a beautiful forest of larch trees.

You keep on climbing up, passing a few benches with lookout points, a botanical garden on your right, and eventually a wide-open picnic area, which is great if you want to bask in the sun, not so good if you need shade.

The majority of the trail is in the forest, so its a great one for a hot sunny day. There are multiple routes spouting off from the main trail, which you can take depending on how long you want to be hiking.

The trail is not a total walk in the park because of its short bursts of steep ups and downs.

If you follow the signs to Bormio from the picnic area, you will come to an old cottage.

At the cottage, follow the sign to the left, directing you to Uzza.

This section takes you out of the forest and along a steep wide track to Uzza.

From Uzza cross over the river and follow the dirt track running parallel to the river all the way along to Bormio.