A varied and changing generally fun blue.









Starting from the Perce-Neige, this shaded track crosses over the busy red Marmotte and, by keeping left of the arrival point of the Chariande chair, dips gently into a wide open curving left bowl, which can be fun if you straight-line the width of the piste from one side to the other.

Where the red Le Lac pops off to the left, the run then narrows considerably.

Take your time here as it is steep and sometimes mogully, and try and time your schuss to ensure there is not too much poling along the flat path as it arrives at a sharp left-hand bend (meeting Paraments head on).

Hang this left, again schussing where possible, if you want to go under the Gouilles chair and take the path round (or cut right for the short cut) down to the Gouilles restaurant.

The Dahu continues into the forest, becoming a narrowish track, with blues joining from left and right, before eventually opening out into the 'bowl' of the Chariande Express and other lifts.