Mellow, flat red slope. Connects back to the Red 11.









The slope is pretty mellow and can be entered through all the main lifts on top of the Rotkogljoch.

When you exit the Silberbrünnl lift, head straight and take the Blue 23 right in front of you.

Stay on the left hand side of this slope adn after about 200 meters you will see that the slope splits up to the left.

This is the entrance of the Red 18.

The slope is not that steep but can be challenging for snowboarders as the last part is pretty flat.

The slope is mostly used by freeriders who want to enter the wide open terrain which is accessible by dropping to the right side of the slope.

If you ride the slope all the way it will connect with the Red 11 and you can continue your way down to the Rettenbach Tal.