A ridge traverse that tests your scrambling skills and your fear of heights.









FATMAP difficulty grade



With this traverse there are two options.

You can add the summit of Yamnuksa or skirt the lower section and head to the goat range. As you leave the parking lot either way you travel will be a hard effort.

Wearing a helmet underneath Yamnuska would be suggested based on how much traffic it is getting and all the recent rock fall.

As you get out onto the Goat range you will climb up a steep section where route finding will come into play.

Take not on some of the rappel rings you cross as this can be key incase you need to bail and go back the same way you came. You will navigate along thin ridges and wide ridges.

You will cross sections where staying slow and safe will be key. You can bypass the rappel if you need but if you are carrying a rope and plan to rappel it be much safer and faster.

The rap ring and anchor are set up there around a rock.

I would always bring stuff to build your own anchor incase there is an issue with the gear and you are prepared. Rappel is about 15-18 ft.

Once your past the rappel you will start to see the ridge open up to a wider and safer run or hike.

Now is where you can make some time up and travel quicker either running or fast packing. * Bring rope and gear to build anchor incase you need to and to rappel * this is point to point, bring two cars or take your chance hitch hiking or running road back