A long complex off-piste run with lots of terrain









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Hidden Valley is another Verbier classic that allows you to escape the crowds and venture into the wilderness whilst enjoying some excellent varied skiing.

Skiers prepared to hike for their turns will be rewarded with a real adventure.

The terrain is complex and a good sense of direction along with navigation skills is essential.

A map is essential and you should not rely on FATMAP as your only means of navigation.

Follow the Champs Ferret Rock Garden Access route to reach the flatter area at the ridge that comes down from the Pointe des Champs Ferret and the start of the Hidden Valley - col at 2565m.

The terrain is varied and there are many options to find your own line.

Continue down main line of the valley until you reach the main valley beneath Le Fou.

You should be careful not to miss the exit of the valley back to Prarion using the summer walking path (Bisse du Saxon) at 1747m.

Follow the path off and up to the right back to Prarion and the Nendaz lift system by walking for around 50 mins.